well I forgot to write about what I think my dream means last time, so here it goes.
I honestly don't know what the dream means. Maybe we talked about like foxes that day and I forgot about it, so maybe it was my subconscious that made me dream about them. Well I don't really know but maybe this is one of the answers:P
now i'm gonna chill in the sofa:)


Well this is only a very short dream but I have not had a dream that I could remember in a long time, so here it goes.
I was when I stod on my porch and suddenly there were a fox standing on my lawn and I cried out for my brother to come and check it out. When my brother came out there was suddenly two foxes no three foxes, no now there was like 6 foxes and a few babyfoxes too. Haha and that was the end of my dream!! a very short and weird one:P



Well I have not had a good dream that I can write about get, so i'm hoping for a very good dream tonight actually:P
So maybe you can read about it tomorrow;)

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