Jag vill vinna en iPhone

man får 5000 fira sms i månaden! Jag vill vinna en iPhone för har länge velat ha en, men inte haft råd! Riktigt snygg och grym telefon och Telia är inte fel det heller:) http://feber.se/teliamax25


well I forgot to write about what I think my dream means last time, so here it goes.
I honestly don't know what the dream means. Maybe we talked about like foxes that day and I forgot about it, so maybe it was my subconscious that made me dream about them. Well I don't really know but maybe this is one of the answers:P
now i'm gonna chill in the sofa:)


Well this is only a very short dream but I have not had a dream that I could remember in a long time, so here it goes.
I was when I stod on my porch and suddenly there were a fox standing on my lawn and I cried out for my brother to come and check it out. When my brother came out there was suddenly two foxes no three foxes, no now there was like 6 foxes and a few babyfoxes too. Haha and that was the end of my dream!! a very short and weird one:P



Well I have not had a good dream that I can write about get, so i'm hoping for a very good dream tonight actually:P
So maybe you can read about it tomorrow;)

Friday and NO SCHOOL

So beacause Travis are sick we don't have to go too school today, so thank you Travis:P
So I supose i'm going to do my englishbook summary now, I've already written about one page but I have a little bit more to put in my text.

Today I'm gonna go to the gym with my favorite person Cecilia:) we are gonna go to a afropower pass, it's soooooo fun!!!
After that we are going to work out a little bit in the gym aslo.

I have no idea what i'm going to do this weekend but I hope there will be something I can do, I don't wanna sit in all weekend cause if so I'M GOING TO DIE!! and I don't want that to happen:P

hehe well have a great weekend you all, byebye


This weekend I've been at a birthday party, it was my ¨kind of¨ fathers grandmother who celebrated her 85 birthday or something. I ate a lot of good food and I was so full when we left that I colud hardley walk. After the birthday party I went to my friend Lisa. Me, Tina and Lisa ate some candy watched a bad movie and talked all night long. I had a really good time:) It was some time ago that we hung out and just chilled. But the bed I sleept on was very uncomfortable, there were things under the bed that had detached so it was big holes in the bed, not so comfie:P So I quite happy to be sleeping in my own bed tonight.

hehe see u soon byebye


This week has been like every other week, I got out of bed even though I didn't want to, I went to school even though I didn't want to and I went to all my classes even though I didn't want to. So all days this week I have done things I didn't want to do and I hate it. Why can't school just be fun, haven't anybody thought about that jet. I mean I would be thrilled to go to school if I knew that it was going to be a blast but now it's not and that's why it feel so fu**ing hard to go up from bed every morning. It's not that I don't lite my calssmates or my teatchers cause I do, it's just that it feels like there's no point cause it dosen't matter how hard and much you studie you can't just get that grade that you want.

As you can hear I'm in a quite bad mood today and I don't really know why! Lets hope it will be better tomorrow because then we are going to a water palace cause we are having a sportsday at school. I hope it's going to be great fun:)

Now I have to read in my englishbook even though I dont want to;)


This holiday I have been busy almost every day, Cicci have been here, we hung out a little with my friends and had a nice time. Yesterday we were invited to dinner at Angelica, it was a good dinner and we had very nice time also. This morning we were at the gym, we danced sexy dance: P haha it was actually great fun. On Tuesday, we have planned to go to the afro power dance at the gym also.

Since I have been so busy on this holiday and I'll probably not do anything in these two days that's left on vacation: P will just take it easy and maybe study a little!
bye bye


I'm so glad that school soon is going to take a break. Tomorrow is the last day and we only have english on fridays, so it's kind of a chillday. I think i'm going to the gym with angelica and cecilia tomorrow, cause i'm going to bye a yearcard, finally:) I've been waiting for the money to the gymcard for about a month now!!!

I overslept 2 and a half hour today, so I missed to make the english movie, so if Travis wonders why I'm not in it tomorrow, well now he knows and I'm very sorry it wasn't my intention.

Well this weekend I think I'm going to cecilia and watch Melodifestivalen and then the day after that she is coming home to me, we are going to make 'semlor'.

Have a great weekend byebye


I just came home from school and i'm really tierd!! Today at the gymnastics we went swiming, it was very fun actually:) We didn't wanna leave when our teatcher said that the time was up!

My weekend was kind of nice, on saturday me, my dad, my kind of sister and my dads cohabitee went to gothenburg to pick up my modellab pictures:) I bought eleven:S, so i'm not going to put all of them on my blog, but maybe a few:)

Now I have to studie, byebye


So I'm trying to write a bit on the english task on matrix. And shit, it's really hard, all my thoughts are like stuck in my head and they can't get out. So far everything in my text is a bit blury and woozy. I hope I can get my brain together until friday.

Well moving on to how my day was:)
Hehe I got a G on my mathtest, yeah:) I had a Spanish speech today, and I thought that went quite good, so i'm hoping for a VG. 

hehe well Allar wanted me to write something about him here, otherwise he would not read it. Allar is a poop hahah:)


So it's monday again and i'm very tierd. Yesterday me, angelica, cecilia, michelle och isabelle was at modellab, it was very fun, I just loved it. But I was not allowed to look at the pictures because i'm underage, so my mom have to go with me. I'm very excited to see the final outcome. But we did not get home until 23.00, and when me and cicci got home we started to take even more pictures of eachother. Hahah there were a lot of very ugly faces on the pictures:P So we got in bed really late, like 01.00. 

So tonight when I get home, the first thing i'm gonna do is to go to bed. 

Well byebye 

bad day

Today I had a really bad day! It didn't start so bad but around the middle of the day was all just bullshit. We ate at the Miss olsson and there I asked about gluten-free pasta and they said that they had it, so ate kicken and pasta. But after about one and half hour, I began to feel really bad, so I had to run to the toilet and well you know. So I probably received the wrong pasta and because of this,  I got to spend one hour on the toilet and all day in bed, threw up like 8 times in an hour. I will never go there again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

well well now I will try to eat a little.  PS. I just wanna say thank you to my golden friends who stayed with me when I was sick, so THANK YOU<33


So I'm sitting in the school now, I have spanish. I think Spanish is quite difficult and boring, so I write a little on my blog instead. The math test today went quite good actually, I think I'm going to get a G. After school I'm gonna go to the gym with Cecilia, Angelica could not come with us, she wanted to hang out with her boyfriend. So me and Cecilia are left on our own.

I'm going to write a little bit more when I come home, until then have a great day:)


Hey, so this is my new english blog. Here I'm going to write a little bit about me and my life.

So today I went to school and had three lessons, after that we went for at bite at Greenwich(a resturant that makes very greasy food). After school I went home, I had loads of homework to do, maths and swedish, not fun at all.
Tomorrow I have a mathstest and a bookseminar in swedish.

After school I'm going to the gym with Cecilia and Angelica. I'm looking forward to that:)

Well i'ts getting late and I have to go up early in the morning, so Good Night:)

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