This week has been like every other week, I got out of bed even though I didn't want to, I went to school even though I didn't want to and I went to all my classes even though I didn't want to. So all days this week I have done things I didn't want to do and I hate it. Why can't school just be fun, haven't anybody thought about that jet. I mean I would be thrilled to go to school if I knew that it was going to be a blast but now it's not and that's why it feel so fu**ing hard to go up from bed every morning. It's not that I don't lite my calssmates or my teatchers cause I do, it's just that it feels like there's no point cause it dosen't matter how hard and much you studie you can't just get that grade that you want.

As you can hear I'm in a quite bad mood today and I don't really know why! Lets hope it will be better tomorrow because then we are going to a water palace cause we are having a sportsday at school. I hope it's going to be great fun:)

Now I have to read in my englishbook even though I dont want to;)


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