I'm so glad that school soon is going to take a break. Tomorrow is the last day and we only have english on fridays, so it's kind of a chillday. I think i'm going to the gym with angelica and cecilia tomorrow, cause i'm going to bye a yearcard, finally:) I've been waiting for the money to the gymcard for about a month now!!!

I overslept 2 and a half hour today, so I missed to make the english movie, so if Travis wonders why I'm not in it tomorrow, well now he knows and I'm very sorry it wasn't my intention.

Well this weekend I think I'm going to cecilia and watch Melodifestivalen and then the day after that she is coming home to me, we are going to make 'semlor'.

Have a great weekend byebye

Postat av: Travis

sounds like a great start to the vacation--have fun!

2009-02-06 @ 13:44:23

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