bad day

Today I had a really bad day! It didn't start so bad but around the middle of the day was all just bullshit. We ate at the Miss olsson and there I asked about gluten-free pasta and they said that they had it, so ate kicken and pasta. But after about one and half hour, I began to feel really bad, so I had to run to the toilet and well you know. So I probably received the wrong pasta and because of this,  I got to spend one hour on the toilet and all day in bed, threw up like 8 times in an hour. I will never go there again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

well well now I will try to eat a little.  PS. I just wanna say thank you to my golden friends who stayed with me when I was sick, so THANK YOU<33

Postat av: Travis

Sounds like an awful lunch! On the other hand, now you know what great friends you have. good start on your blog!

2009-01-23 @ 14:38:41

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